October 26th, 2003


Linux 2.6, again

I put Linux 2.6 on my desktop at work out of necessity last week or so (needed ALSA for my sound, and that was already in 2.6), but I just finally got around to putting 2.6 on my home computer. I'd been putting this off because I feared netboot (NFS on root) troubles, after reading on the kernel list ages back that they were gonna drop it, and require users to do in userspace from a RAM disk image, then doing a pivot_root. But, fortunately they didn't remove it, and all went well.

In fact, all went better than well. I observed something pretty odd: The /dev/input/mice which was before just for USB mice now is a generic interface to all mice. I forgot to include USB UHCI support (the config name changed and I didn't notice), so when X started, my mouse worked, except for the scrollwheel. Turns out my BIOS was faking the USB mouse, making it look like a PS/2 device, which the kernel knew about, and reported the events down /dev/input/mice, which my X config was still setup to read. The mouse resolution sucked, but it worked. Rebooted after adding UHCI support and it's all smooth and I can scroll. Very cool.

Half-way through this excercise I justified it as work: all the LJ web nodes netboot in the exact same config as my home computer, so if it works here, the LJ web nodes are ready for 2.6. (which is actually convenient, since epoll is included in 2.6 and we wouldn't have to keep applying patches)


I knew somebody would eventually put this all together:


The roadmap shows promise.

Now we need a hardware vendor that sets these things up well with redundant hardware, journals on NVRAM, and all the other good stuff that NetApps have, and sells 'em at 1/10 NetApp prices.

Last time I was in at Silicon Mechanics (our favorite vendor) I was talking to them about this. I told 'em somebody would come along and put it all together, then SM could sell appliances. I'm going to mail them now.
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I am the 24th most popular LiveJournal user! I beat evan by 4 places! But damn avva in 14th... *grumble* :-)

Check out stats here:

Stats like that are so easy to do when you're logging to a database. Note to anybody thinking about doing logging to MySQL: no indexes, and INSERT DELAYED. Then you're golden. Maybe one index (time), but what I prefer to do is make a new table every hour, then I can summarize/compress/discard old hours easily.


Oh, and I also made my first smoothie ever. Blenders are fun.

I guess I should name it. Hmmm...


Yes, that's very Jamba-ish.