November 11th, 2003


not so easy

(21:26:45) colefitz88: i need help making a program
(21:26:56) brad: me too
(21:27:04) colefitz88: mine is semi easy though
(21:27:10) brad: what?
(21:27:20) colefitz88: i want to make a web spreadsheet
(21:28:02) brad: um, not so easy
(21:28:07) colefitz88: oh
(21:28:10) brad: what do you mean?
(21:28:58) colefitz88: well something where you can put a # in one cell and at the bottom it will add up that whole cell
(21:29:08) colefitz88: just like excel except on the web

The little brother is ambitious. :-)