November 14th, 2003


Phone Post: Jamba Juice and Phone Post

178K 0:50
“So I'm, uh, drinking a Razzmatazz from Jamba Juice.
Pretty good.
I found out today there's like... (what was it...) 2,300 calls to Phone Post today or something?
Like, that's a lot of calls.
And there were like 16 calls at once, at the peak?
Uh, pretty popular. Pretty cool.
Need to get some more phone numbers now.
For all my peeps in... Portland and Seattle and places.
Looking into that. Fun stuff.
What else? Nothing.
I'll be home in a couple of minutes; wanted to see if this thing was still ticking.
Guess so.
Uh, goodbye!”

Transcribed by: multiple users

potential linux NFS server DoS?

So, somebody found a 20 month old bug in Linux's NFS server code:

A dentry is freed twice, and somebody can snag it in the very short time between, then have it be corrupted on the second free, resulting in a likely crash.

I wonder how long before somebody makes a DoS tool out of this, just by doing tons of rename operations in one thread while making and deleting tons of files in another. I guess it's not high-profile enough to be a huge deal... not like there are public NFS servers out there, are there? People would just be crashing their business/school NFS servers.