November 29th, 2003



Christmas light project pics:

I accidentally bought a mechanical relay which I thought was solid state. Click click click click. And slow. But I can turn on and off a row of christmas lights now... just not incredibly fast.

I showed Dina and she's like, "Isn't that what they did before?"

I need a fast, solid-state relay, operated at TTL-level (or up to 3VDC) and able to switch 1A of 125VAC. And it has to be cheap. No more than a buck or two each. (need 90 of 'em) I'm going to search all those parts sites people keep recommending. (thanks for all the great links!)

Review of part vendors

Radio Shack: pathetic selection, expensive, ubiquitous.
Norvac Electronics: decent to good selection, decent price, ~25 minutes away. everything, cheap, have to wait for shipping.

I'm documenting all this more for me than you, so if you're bored reload your friends page and read something else. :-)

It's way too late. I shouldn't've have slept 11+ hours last night... messing up my cycle now.

P.S. I agree with my girlfriend: way too many social gatherings lately... 3 on Thursday and 2 on Friday. Social isolation time indeed.