December 10th, 2003


Coffee People

Most mornings I stop at the drive-through Coffee People Park to get coffee and a scone or something. Everybody who works there is super chipper and peppy to the point of being ridiculous. I wonder if that's corporate policy. The boss sat them all down and said, "Look, people are grumpy in the morning and need their coffee. You're going to be their first human contact of the day. You need to be over-excited and they'll be happy even if they think you're loony and it's all an act. Happy customers come back and keep buying coffee."

I think it works.

And they have free coffee refills too on the same day! :P

Mmm.... coffee....


Saturday night party confirmed guestlist at like 33 people, with 14 possible/probably, depending on work schedules, etc.

Guests confirmed from Washington, California, and Ohio. Ahh yea'.

When Dina and I made the invite cards I labeled them "XMASFEST 2003" but she made me change it to something like, "Please join us for .......". Given the guest count, I'm thinking my title would've been better. ;-P

Linus quotes

Everybody should read the LKML just for Linus' funny mail:

Ask a lawyer. Really.

I know people on this list are engineers and programmers, and you think that technology is all that matters, and that if you link in one situation and do exactly the same motions ("walk around the computer three times widdershins, and give the -dynamic option to 'ld'") then you are doing the same thing.

But that's not how "the real world" works. In the real world, intent and permission matter a whole lot. When you make love to your wife in the privacy of your own home, the "real world" is perfectly ok with that. When you do the same thing to somebody you didn't get permission from, it's a major crime and you can be put into prison for decades - even though technically the movements are pretty much the same.

See? Intent matters. How you do something _technically_ does not.


Draggable live objects

I'm talking to Sherm on AIM, giving him updates on the percentage complete of an upload I'm doing, because he has to wait until 100% before he can download the file.

But I thought: how lame is this?

What I should be able to do is drag the frickin' percentage bar on my chat window and send him the live object. Events from the application doing the upload would be routed both to my widget (locally) and his widget (over the net).

How cool would that be?