December 30th, 2003



I crawled in bed at 10:20 pm, incredibly tired, bored, and prime to sleep.

Two hours later, no luck. And I just now finally hopped out of bed, convinced anything else should work better.

Why do I even try?

Recommend drugs, people. It's time to medicate.

monobal 0.2

If anybody wants my very immature load balancer written in C#:

Now featuring an HTTP header class which parses headers, replaces headers, retrieves headers, etc.

So the load balancer now replaces/sends along the X-Forwarded-For header to the back end, and always does Connection: close, and always does HTTP/1.0 to the backend. (wanting to avoid dealing with chunking for now)

Things to do:

-- support POSTs (only GET works now)
-- limit max incoming header length
-- limit global proxy to client buffer size
-- limit max pending connections
-- limit per-connection proxy to client buffer size
-- wait for and make sure some variation of my socket patch gets committed
-- make the load balancer be more of a usable object itself, letting clients set its listening port, backend node selector manager, limits, etc.
-- make a front-end which parses command-line args and inits the load balancer.
-- write a node selector to listen to LJ's broadcast messages and do random weighted selections.
-- write some stupid node selector subclasses as demos
-- proper C#-style docs
-- timeouts everywhere
-- management/stats port.
-- tons of testing
-- put it in limited production somehow and make it take a beating. :-)


I felt like busting out my laptop and playing on it. It had been a while.

Step #1: figure out how to get Linux back. A recent upgrade of OS X had wiped the boot sector.

boot hd:2,yaboot

That did it. (note to self)

Then did some yabootconfig/ybin/etc stuff that should make it automatic now. We'll see.

Anyway, for the short, scary period I was in OS X without Debian, I accidentally clicked this big green box in iChat and I started talking to sherm over my laptop's speaker and microphone. I don't even know where the microphone is.... I can't see it anywhere! So yeah, Apple rules. Too bad OS X is so fucking slow. "Optimizing your system" my ass.

I come back in Debian and everything's zippy. Awwww.... what a relaxing feeling.