December 31st, 2003


Life is good (post sleep and snow)

Happy things:

Indian food last night.
Watching the snow start while you're eating Indian food.
Sitting in a hot tub under a gazebo while it's snowing.
Lots of snow on the ground this morning.
My patch to Mono's Socket class went into CVS! (and unmodified! eep!)
Party tonight.
Happy user (hard work pays off)

2003, 2004

Everybody's doing it, so I'm compelled to write a "2003 in review", "Looking forward to 2004"-type post.

But, I'm in a rush to get out and eat/party with Nick, Paula, Dan, and Dina, so I'll make it quick:

-- stressed a lot
-- worked a lot
-- started to feel good about non-LJ open source contributions (memcached, recent mono patch)

-- wanna get most employees in Oregon
-- stress less
-- get more work done (with less stress)
-- need a vacation sometime
-- help with code & money to important projects
-- try and socialize more (more conferences (read: trips))
-- read more books/papers

Eh, good enough.