Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

OpenOffice for Mac sucks.. help?

So I'm happily making my presentation in OpenOffice (on Debian) figuring I'll just go ahead and run it from my Mac laptop later. After all, OpenOffice runs everywhere, right?

But sensing trouble, I decided to give it a shot early.

Turns out OpenOffice for the Mac sucks. There's no native build, only an X11 version, and probably as a result the fonts totally suck. I'd be embarassed to project those ugly glyphs onto a wall. (OpenOffice 1.1 on Debian is totally beautiful, though...)

So my next thought was: OpenOffice can export as PowerPoint. Maybe I'll find a free OS X PowerPoint viewer somewhere on No such luck. (does one exist?) But I didn't happen to catch something pretty ridiculous: Microsoft Office is $400! Damn. You can buy a whole computer for that.

At this point I'll keep using OpenOffice and hope to find another computer to use, or just bring a little Shuttle system with me. Oh shit, I realize now they probably provide a computer to use. Phew. But I'll keep this rant.

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