January 9th, 2004


More mono

After getting my last mono patch committed, I didn't hestitate to fix up some more stuff:


Sent it off to mono-devel.

With it, monobal now runs perfectly on both Windows and Mono without any harmless but noisy exceptions being printed to the console. (My previous patch didn't make async reads/accepts be catchable from the calling thread.)


Update: 4:36 pm:
> It look okay?

Yes. It's in CVS now. It would be nice if we get tests for these too.



Stupid HP

We just ordered some HP switches, and now I read about HP being total dumbasses:


Somebody should publish a database of companies, giving them credit in three categories:

respectable acts
stupid acts
evil acts

Then before you do business with a company you can check if it's evil or stupid first. I hate giving money to stupid people. It lets them keep being stupid.