January 30th, 2004



Office is bustling. So many people, and 3 people are still on their way. Rockin'.

Server architecture continues to improve. Upgrading all these "old" machines and changing the replication topology with minimal (few seconds) downtime for those users is always a fun challenge.

Evaluating 64-bit options for next round of DB servers. Opteron or Itanium. Doing evals of both. And then Yamill? :-)

My little brother's learning German. I help him whenever I'm over there. He was doing a family tree today with pictures and captions for everybody. "Er ist mein Opa. Er ist total alt." :-)

Playing with graphs (nodes/edges) is fun. So is load balancer. Too many fun projects.

Wrists kinda hurty today. Too much typing?

Got a new driver's license, after coughing up my SSN. A poster at the DMV even lied and said it was a Federal Requirement. They forgot to mention they're voluntarily bending over to get money from the feds. Anyway, I thought I was just getting a sticker and not a new license, so my photo rocks... hair all over, unshaven, black t-shirt. Rockin'.

Cucina Cucina for dinner. Good food. Fuck the exclamation marks, though. Yahoo! Cucina!Cucina! VoicePulse Connect!. Punctuation shouldn't be allowed in company names or products, and reserved for things like:

Today I received the worst fucking service from T-Mobile! (I did.) I upgraded my service, bought a new phone, with camera, and added the internet unlimited option, and the guy was a jack-ass.

Okay, you now know everything about my life. Goodnight.

Hov, du har sendt Jubii en virus !!!

Filtering the MyDoom virus out of my inbox is one thing. Filtering all these "You sent a virus!" messages from stupid virus gateways that don't know the From headers are forged.... well, that pisses me of. Can't reliably write rules to block them because there are hunreds of 'em.

I woke up to 247 new uncaught spams, most of which were from "Virus-Admin@stupidsite.net" and such.

But at least ones in other languages amuse me.

Danish looks like a mix of German and English, but I see "har" (hab, have) doesn't push the verb (sendt) to the end like German.

Of course, what Danish do I know? Maybe "har" means "whore" and it's like:

Hey, you whore sent Jubii a virus!

Parrot DBDI; bytecode platforms

Interesting post from Tim Bunce (the Perl DBI guy). The plan, in a tiny nutshell, is to make Perl/Python/Ruby/PHP all share the same internal database drivers. Each HLL will have its own native-language-style high-level DBI, but they'll only be pure-{Perl,PHP,...} wrappers around the shared Parrot modules, with no C code up top.

Between Parrot and .NET/Mono, a lot of interesting stuff is happening in the bytecode world. I'm a little torn because I love Perl (go Parrot!) but I've been using Mono, it rocks, and I think Miguel is a genius (go Mono!).... so maybe both will succeeed. Maybe they'll even work together. Should be interesting.

Alcohol and programming

I find myself only able to work on boring projects with a tad bit of alcohol.

Enough to keep me smiling and amused at the rhythm of the keyboard. But not so much to get me distracted, incompetent, or unable to type.

Moderation, people, moderation!