March 23rd, 2004



Can't sleep.

The Travelodge bed sucks. Feels like I'm sleeping on a trampoline where you roll into the center, except with springs poking me.

The 1970's remote control for the crap TV is bolted to the nightstand, and on the wrong side of the nightstand.

Wish there were another hotel nearby. This was just a block away from the mechanic and I figured it'd work.

At least I have GPRS net access to keep me entertained.


Been up since 7am. Dina took a taxi to the Tukwila train station to get down to Portland in time for work. (thanks, Sherm... if I would've checked my email first I could've saved some painfully slow and research to find that ....)

I've been waiting for the mechanic to say what's wrong with my car from 8am to now, 10am, and I still haven't heard. "A few more minutes...."