April 1st, 2004


DeadJournal users vs. LiveJournal users

So Dina and I are sitting here reading through all the hate mail from the April Fools pranks on LiveJournal and DeadJournal. (Frank and I setup deadjournal-merge@livejournal.com to add some legitimacy to his prank...)

So as we're reading through them Dina goes,

"Doesn't it seem like all the DeadJournal users are much nicer than your users?

And it's true. Ironic, given that they're supposed to be all goth and pissed off.


yesterday's bike ride was ~14 miles. today was ~30 (up Cornelius Pass, Germantown road, highway 30, to NW portland). getting back in shape! pretty good bike ride, 'cept for the constant headwind.

the 2 mile long slalom coming off skyline blvd 1000 ft down to highway 30 is scary as shit and so much fun.

got a notice that my gas is about to be shut off. fucking bills. so inconvenient.

so is paying for things. i wanted a shirt i saw online today, filled out my credit card number from memory, then didn't remember my ccv2 number, and didn't want to find my wallet, and left the page. i'd pay bills and buy more crap online if it were easy.

blah blah. nothing interesting.