April 6th, 2004


I hate printers

I'm sick of crap printers.

Are there any good printers nowadays? I'm willing to spend more than $30. I don't want a fucking free toss-in printer you get in a Happy Meal, only to be reamed the rest of my life on ink. Honestly I don't even mind the reaming. I just want the printer to work, and not be implemented entirely in a driver.

That's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

CUPS was easier than I remembed it being, but still a pain.

Then no program would understand the margins. The app, the driver, and the printer all had different ideas about who had what margins and who should add them.

Then it finally started to work, printing out some more craptastic output, and I ran out of ink.

Surprisingly I had some ink cartridges on hand from when I bought the printer. I replaced them but the printer kept flashing yellow by the ink light. No amount of reseating it took.

So if you're in Portland and want a free printer, I'm ditching this bitch (HP 3820?) and going back to clay tablets.

damn it's early

Some Irish "afternoon" show asked if they could interview me. For some reason I agreed. Maybe because it's my people? :P

Except afternoon in Dublin is 6:00 am here. They just called 10 minutes ago asking if I was around... they're calling back in 5 minutes.

Understanding the guy's accent consumed more mental powers than I think I'm capable of at 6:00am.

Update: Ah, that was painless. They talk about four times slower on the radio than they do normally on the phone.

Heh, before me some emo-sounding guy named Eddy was talking about how he uses LiveJournal for anger management. They asked him if he uses it to talk about "girls he fancies" like in a typical "memory box" or diary but he said, "no, just the anger" but saying it totally calm and relaxed.

Most amusing. :-)