April 25th, 2004



In high-school I alternatingly TAed/taught/co-taught our programming class with one of the math teachers, Mr. Ford. I ran into him today at my brother's baseball game, his son being on the other team.

It turns out his class is still using my graphics editor ("picedit") for creating sprites, and my library to use them from their programs. (Their final project is to make a game) Makes me proud. :-)

In all this time they're still using the same computers. I guess Microsoft had the school district install some "NetOctopus" program on all the machines so they could monitor their usage. That disturbed him. He wants to put Linux on there (for a free development environment, too!) but doesn't know how. I volunteered to convert the lab to Linux and he got pretty excited.

subclassing IO::Handle

Subclassing IO::Handle is.... interesting. An IO::Handle object is just a blessed typeglob (a generated symbol), and not a hashref or pseudo-hash like other perl objects, so there's no good place to put attributes for classes/subclasses. Well, except since you have the whole symbol table entry, you can just use the hashref hanging off that symbol, since it was auto-generated.

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red robin
bought a broom
bike ride
gobilefs work
pool/food/drinks with whitaker (I won a game)

Researching some NFS stuff now. Half my Linux queries return German search results, so that's kinda good... keeps my limited German halfway intact. Learned a new word: Notlösung I had a dream in German the other night, even though it's been ages now since I spoke it with anybody. I think the language part of my brain feels constrained and tries to fight its way out.

Kinda tired.