July 13th, 2004


Bike Ride

I was feeling lethargic and hating databases more than usual today so I bailed on work and went on a 30+ mile bike ride in the heat.

It sucked for the first 10 minutes or so, then it felt really good.

Along the way did a lot of work-related thinking and wrote up a big lj_core post (protected, so no link), so it feels justified.

And from what I hear from Whitaker just now (who just stopped by and left with Frank and Tiffany), things were productive at work today, so tomorrow should be cool.

MogileFS without NFS is coming along swimmingly. Go Junior! Considering the NFS bits were the hardest to setup and maintain, I can't wait to release and document this and let everybody have a simplifed, easy-to-use distributed file system without shared storage.

I have a Perlbal presentation tomorrow tonight at the Portland Perl Mongers. That should be fun. I should make up better slides than I had last time.