July 23rd, 2004


heh, stupid evolution

I accidentally clicked a mailto: link in Mozilla and Evolution came up to compose an email.

It loaded up in about a second, but then when I closed it it took about 20 seconds to shut down, all the while saying "Evolution is shutting down..." in a stupid box. Why do I fucking care that you're shutting down, yo? Just do it in the background and stop getting in my face about it. And since I didn't write any data that you need to sync, what are you doing?

And while I'm talking about shit programs... I got an word doc today that I opened in OpenOffice. At the top was a watermark image with the company logo in the top left. As I scrolled up in the document, transitioning from the text region to the image watermark, as the watermark came into view, my harddrive made noise and my harddrive light on my case flashed. EVERY TIME I moved the window up and down, reliably. I pulled in a bunch of people in my office to see it. My question was:

How the fuck did OpenOffice manage to make the disk churn reliably reading an image? It wasn't writing, so I can only assume it was opening the damn file O_DIRECT, avoiding the kernel buffer cache, and proceeding to not cache it itself?

Eh. But I just drank a ton of beer and proceeded to play in a big water fountain thing in the 100 degree weather and play Frisbee, so whatever.