August 8th, 2004


ziploc day

Today's clean the house today because it's too hot outside.

I went on a short bike ride, accomplished my mission (five thousand ziploc bags), and quickly returned.

So now I'm putting all my small stuff in ziploc bags because the zip-tie plan from the other month wasn't thought out that well.

See, I have about five thousand small parts and cables in a bunch of bins. But without ziploc bags, they all get tangled up and impossible to search through.

RFID could be useful here. Tag the ziploc bags with RFID tags, linked with pictures which I could lazilly meta-data at will. Then when I want something I get out my RFID reader and search for the proper room and bin.

But I digress. Back to baggying.
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dana, a friend/housemate from college, has been living in the area for a while now but we just tonight finally met up for dinner. Go lazy us.

We went to Typhoon and I showed her the exciting LJ office.

She's doing a half marathon soon and needs to start running again in preparation, so maybe I'll have me a running buddy. (I'd like to run again but have been too lazy to do it on my own...)