September 18th, 2004


good things about today

* Sleeping a whole bunch

* I had to fix messed up database stuff, but at least the weather is changing, which I always like. And the pouring rain made me feel like my place was inside, fixing databases.

* I finally got around to replacing my rear tire on my mountain bike. First time I've ever put on a tubeless tire. Wasn't nearly as hard as I'd come to understand.

* Cleaned the garage

* Went on a short ride on my newly-fixed mountain bike

* Fajitas & Margaritas

* Margaritas making boring sysadmin work tolerable

Notice how sleeping a whole bunch makes everything else so much better? That's key, folks.
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kryptonite locks

I have two Kryptonite bike locks. The more expensive of the two (this guy) I bought just out of frustration when my last bike got stolen, but it's so damn heavy that I hardly ever use it.

I think it was evan that said bike_weight + lock_weight = constant.

Anyway, that expensive lock is vulnerable to the Bic-pen exploit. That's right, you can open it with a pen. I tested it myself... not too hard, once I figured out which way to turn the thing.

So I guess starting the 22nd Kryptonite will offer some exchange program, if any of you guys care, or have been living under a rock for the past week and missed boingboing, slashdot, etc....