September 20th, 2004


surfin' surfin'.

kvance gets props for this:

tower bridge is pretty:

OMG! It's the Object Management Group!!!!!!! (found via

nick's gonna kill his car, if he can make it look any worse:

props to erik for this wonderful site: (also on LJ at spamusement)

proof that political books are only read by the people who side that way to begin with:

teabagging definition and funny sponsored ad, via daveman692: (mirror)

okay, bored. go find your own links.

Computers suck.

Dude check out my new pimpin' computer!

Not only is it not quiet, but it doesn't work, either! Yay!

I'm hoping... hoping hoping hoping.... that it's only not quiet because it hasn't got to the point where the operating system or some driver tells the fans and disks to calm down now that they're up. That's how my machine at work is... it starts loud for a few seconds, then shuts up.

But my machine at work is around enough other noise that I don't notice its fan or disk.

My standard for quietness at home is much higher. My current machine (the one I had intended to replace, but am now questioning) is fanless and diskless, so you can't really beat that. I hear the CD-ROM click when I turn it on. Cars a few blocks away are louder.

So tomorrow I get to drive this broken computer back to Vancouver and have them fix it. Bleh.