September 27th, 2004


seedless watermelon lubricant!

Okay, first off... don't question my browsing patterns. Let's just say I'm a master of the int0rweb, and I pride myself at being able to click my way towards this:

Seedless Watermelon Lubricant.

Really--- seedless? Do they really have to specify that it's seedless?

Did some marketing guy think, "Well, somebody might think this lubricant contains seeds and not buy it.... we'd better specify that it's seedless."

Or do I not know something about watermelons? Do seedless watermelons differ in taste?

That is all. Enjoy your Monday.

64-bit hell update

An update to my 64-bit server hell:

The memory still didn't come in. I could've waited, but it turns out I was misinformed/confused about the new motherboards coming in (they hadn't), and there was no ETA on those, since Intel's chipsets still suck.

So... I ordered some AMD Opterons.

Silicon Mechanics had enough in stock to put together some systems (on a Sunday!) with Tyan motherboards, dual Opteron 242s, and 8GB of ram.

One of the Opteron systems died in burn-in after 7 hours. The other didn't. But I don't have much confidence in those now.

So, on to other vendors! I figure if I order from 3-4 different vendors at once, somebody will eventually arrive, and work.

I call it: Redundant Array of Indepedent Droids (sales droids, that is)

IBM: got me a quote. But delivery will be 30 days, and I don't totally believe them. But so far this is the most promising option.

HP: their "systems are down", they'll have to call me back to get me pricing.

Dell: salesdroid one didn't know enough to answer simple questions. technical salesdroid didn't call me back. i can't reach either of them.

PogoLinux: just don't quite have what we're looking for

PenguinComputing: got a quote, but need to tweak it. need to find out about availability.

In conclusion, 64-bit servers are impossible to purchase, and my job sucks.

P.S. No disrespect to Silicon Mechanics (our regular vendor)... I asked for something they didn't quite have yet, they're trying their best, and their vendors are fucking them too... *sigh*