October 4th, 2004


late night sysadminin'

The past 5 or 6 days I've been staying up late and waking up late. It's great. (ooh I rhyme)

I'm getting sick of the 9-5 crap lately and it's nice to get down and dirty and work on a dozen sysadmin projects at once, all doing long copies or moves or upgrades or whatever, and making notes and keeping it all straight. All in beautiful silence and isolation.

Yes, definitely beats my regular jobs lately.

IBM Opterons

The two dual Opteron 246 servers we ordered from IBM with 12 disks each and gobs of memory are being shipped to Portland from all over the US and Mexico:

2 2M scsi cables --- Raleight, NC, now in Hodgkins, IL
2 storage enclosures -- UPS tracking number invalid
server #1 -- Guadalajara, Mexico to Mesquite TX... forwarding exception?
24 scsi disks and 2 raid cards -- Guadalajara, Mexico, awaiting departure
2 extra opteron processors -- Guadalajara, Mexico, awaiting departure
16 GB of memory -- Anaheim, CA, now in Portland ("arrival scan") not out for delivery
server #2 -- Guadalajara, Mexico to Mesquite TX... forwarding exception?

I guess this means we'll be putting them together, eh?

perlbal and mogilefsd mailing lists

As of last week there are now mailing lists for perlbal (our fancy HTTP load balancer) and mogilefs (our distributed filesystem):


Unfortunately their websites are still under construction, but our goal is to get them both up by the end of this week.

I imagine once we have docs and downloads, interest will pick up. But the mailing list is there now if you're curious already. (and your curiosity will help shape the docs....)

Silly Sun

I'd really like to use Solaris 10 (for ZFS and especially DTrace), but it didn't boot up on a test machine here because the NIC wasn't recognized.

So fuck it --- I'll be a cheap-o x86 Sun box, right? Something that's on the Solaris 10 HCL.

Doot, doot, filling out the shopping cart. What OS do I want? Well, Solaris 9 I guess, since 10 isn't out yet. But I'm curious what the difference between "Solaris 9 x86 RTU license" and "Solaris 9 media kit" is.... so I click Learn More.

But look at the status bar.... "Learn more" just links to Linux info.