October 22nd, 2004


Perlbal 1.01

New version of Perlbal:

Changes since 1.00:

    -- when internally redirecting a URL, perlbal advertises
       that it supports persisent HTTP connections now,
       and caches those sockets for 5 seconds.  (not configurable)
       useful under load, otherwise you waste all local ports
       on a machine

    -- ditch dependence on IO::SendFile.  do it ourselves (1 line)
       with perl's syscall function

    -- add doc/* and conf/* to MANIFEST file

That last item is probably the most important to you, the potentially interested user: I accidentally forgot to include the example config files in the last release.

bay area, bridge school

Going to the Bay Area tomorrow w/ dina to visit nick and paula and scsi and Beka and others.

Going to this:
This year's lineup includes:
Neil Young
Paul McCartney
Tony Bennett
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Sonic Youth
Los Lonely Boys
Tegan & Sara
Basically sitting around, drinking snucked-in alcohol (rather than paying for it inside), and listening to music and eating. Sounds like a perfect weekend plan to me. (the prospect of rain will only make it all the more interesting....)