October 31st, 2004


Porch of Fear

Wanted: spooky mp3s.

I have a wrap-around porch (kinda, it's cement) and we've put up black plastic sheets all around it, boxing it in. Inside we've hung up ghosts and skeletons, put skulls on the ground, spooky faces, spooky pumpkins, and put a blacklight and strobe light in the dining room shining out into it all.

We're making kids not use the front door, but the side door instead, so they have to walk through spooky land to get some of the 20 pounds of candy.

It scares me in the dark (especially with the wind moving the plastic sheets around!) so I'm sure it'll work juuuust fine on little kids.

Next up: spooky mp3s to play from the dining room into the spooky porch of fear.

I'm downloading some now at 1 KB/s from a really busy site, but I'm not sure if they'll finish, and I'm not sure how good they area.

If you have any Halloween or spooky mp3s, can you email them to me? brad@danga.com. Thanks!

Porch of Fear, results thus far...

One little girl was crying on the porch. She didn't knock, but we opened the door upon hearing her cries, and she weeped, "This is too scary for me...." Dina turned on the lights and she looked around for 5-10 seconds deciding it was okay, and then said, "Trick or Treat!!!!!"

A bunch of parents and kids have said "We love your decorations!" or "This is AWESOME." or "We love your house!"

A couple kids asked, "Did we do it right?" (walking around the house to the side door)

Because I have 20 lbs of candy, we're telling kids to grab a handful. In one group of four, three kids take huge handfuls and the fourth kid says, "And a handful they grabbed. Geez guys."

Another couple kids were accompanied by their sister/mom dressed like an exotic dancer or playboy bunny or stripper, legs showing all the way up, tattoos on her inner thigh.... As they were leaving we heard her say to the kids, "C'mon, it's not that hard to walk with a strobe light."

Couple kids are out on the porch crying now or something. The mom's having to coax them into walking all the way around.

This is too great!

More Porch of Fear stories...

We've lost or almost lost a number of kids who walked up, realized it was too scary, and walked away. Except we can hear them talking about it outside so we jump to turn on the lights and then they love it and spend a couple minutes on the porch looking at everything while their moms (the latest dressed as Snowwhite) tell them it's all fake.

Two teenagers just came up, didn't understand that the front door was roped off two different ways, and missed the sign directing them around the side ("Spooky Treasure" and an arrow), so Dina opened the side door, leaking in creak open with some light coming out. Then they got it and came around. Dina told them to take a handful and they asked, "Can we take two?" Dina's like, "No, seriously.. TAKE A HANDFUL." (we have so much candy) As they walked off we hear them go, "Dude, that was awesome... there was a girl and we got tons of candy."