November 3rd, 2004


LJ reactions

nick writes:
So my hopes that us Americans would prove to be rational, intelligent people has been dashed. So lets go beat up some queers, burn some crosses, and keep on killing those damn towel heads. And as long as we do it in the name of the bible and national security, and as long as people keep telling us we're getting tax cuts I think we're going to be okay.
motel666 writes:
America? Who the fuck are you? I don't know you anymore.

And I don't like the person you've become.

I thought we really had something together. I registered to vote and everything. You said you'd change, if I participated in your changes. I supported you through all of this with hope and enthusiasm.

You lied.

I am ashamed to be with you, and I'm ashamed of myself for believing your tired old lies. I feel like the biggest sucker in the world.

Man, what happened? You used to be so cool.

sillyape writes:
Considering the number of provisional ballots still uncounted, the absentee ballots, and possible recounts upcoming, I think it's pretty safe to say that god is dead.
debgirl001 writes:
Fucking Ohio. Fuckheads.

Hilary in 2008
evan writes:
Was it my own hopes / cognitive dissonance that made me think this election would turn out differently? There were so many signs, even down to the wire with the huge tradesports drop on Bush this morning. Or will Zogby's predictions of cell-phone youth using absentee ballots come through?

And so, so many more.


krow writes:
I would like to be the first to welcome our new overlords. Not only have you achieved a majority at last, but you did so in a way that no one can currently determine how you rigged the system. This in itself is an achievement.

I just need to get my salary based on the Euro, since I suspect we will bankrupt our economy within the next four years. I would really like to be proven wrong.
Somebody wrote (friends-only):
Oh and fuck everyone who is out there saying it's no big deal, that the world isn't going to end. War is a pretty damn big deal, death is the end of the world for some people. That's how I view this election. I view it as an attack on everything I believe in, I believe it seriously could bring about WWIII, or at least a string of smaller wars and terrorists attacks. The enviornment getting raped to the point of no return is death. If you have a problem with me thinking this way, I suggest you drop me now. I'm not going to rant on and on about this, but please stop telling me how to act or feel right now.
daberna wrote:
... But for now, it turns out that the standard model for American politics holds - the "important" will provide just enough for the "unimportant" so that they'll come along for the ride and not get too mad or dissentful. Capitalism triumphs - fuck you, I'm watching my back. Fascism triumphs - fuck fundamental human rights, unless you have my religious backbone of beliefs you are outcast. You are not guaranteed your right to protection of property - forget about life, liberty, and happiness. The American dream is dead. Apparently all men are not created equal. I am fearful for my rights. I am fearful for my career. I am fearful for my personal safety. ...
robflynn wrote:
I had a lengthy post here wishing destruction upon various people, but what good will it do? Is anything even worth it anymore?
goldfischegirl wrote:
What kind of country is this where the most hated man in america is re-elected for a second term?
Somebody, also friends-only, wrote:
Bush gets re-elected, the senate gains 3 more Republicans, the House gains 3 more Republicans, same sex marriage is banned in 11 states. As bad as I'd feared the election might go, it was far worse than I'd ever predicted. I want to say the only good thing that could possibly come from this is that Bush will do so much damage in the next 4 years that people couldn't possibly elect another Republican in 2008, but the argument just doesn't hold water since he's already destroyed the economy and foreign relations so badly (along with a plethora of other things I won't bother spouting off right now) and was still re-elected.

What is America thinking? Is it thinking at all? Is the average American capable of rational, logical thought? 77% of the rest of the world is able to see what a colossal fuck-up Bush has been, why can't the one country with the power to boot him out of office see it?