December 25th, 2004


xmas in review

-- dina's dad/stepmom's place, gift exchange
-- dina's grandparents in northwest. lots of people. food and white elephant gift game (draw numbers to either unwrap a new present or steal somebody else's present)

-- breakfast in North Plains with dina's other grandparents
-- afternoon/evening with my parents

Fun gifts received:
-- lots of clothing (I don't shop, so clothing is a fun present nowadays)
-- license plate border from my littlest bro
-- scene it DVD game.
-- house stuff: coasters, ice bucket

Fun gifts given:
-- GTA: San Adreas... wanna go play with Cole
-- Old School DVD + Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card (heh ... "I don't know if we'll have time!!!")
-- couple pieces of maudio gear for my dad to make him a multi-track/mixing recording studio based on jack and jack-related tools like ardour
-- more disk space to LJ homeys
-- some pcHDTV HD-3000 cards, before they become illegal

-- sleeping in
-- rain
-- playing the piano poorly and annoying everybody, as usual

Not fun:
-- kinda sick ... minor sore throat and cough.. just enough to be annoying

Good stuff.