January 4th, 2005


vmware-alike for OS X?

Is there something like vmware for OS X?

Like, would it be possible for me to run OS X with a Debian virtual machine inside it?

Is there a Linux syscall emulation library? Perhaps a user-mode-linux binary would be able to run under OS X?

Clarification: PPC Debian inside PPC OS X... not x86 Debian.

thai restaurant

I was at a Thai restaurant the other day and I ordered some spring rolls along with my entree. Because there was no lunch combo that included those two items, the waitress tried to clarify that I'd be charged separately....

She showed me her notepad where she'd written my order and pointed at one line and said, "Your phad thai", moves to the next line, "doesn't come with spring rolls...."

Except the lines she'd pointed out to me were written in Thai.

heh. :-)