January 29th, 2005



Dina and I started buying boxes to start packing up the house.

We also reserved a large U-Haul. I guess there's a shortage of trucks in California, so one-way there is cheap, but one-way leaving is expensive.

So it's going to cost us $144 for the truck, and probably $150-175 for gas. Not bad at all.

I look forward to packing... that means throwing stuff away, and I love getting rid of crap.

free electronic junk

I have some components that I haven't used in years and have been just sitting around for years. If you want 'em, speak up, otherwise I'm tossing them:

Toshiba SD-3109 dual-disc DVD player
Sony CDP-C245 5-disc CD player
Cisco ATA 186 analog telephone adaptor (locked on Vonage w/o new firmware?)

Oh, and you better be near Portland, because I ain't packing/shipping this.

Wait, marcuso, maybe I'll give it all to you.... you run that ebay selling company, right?