April 3rd, 2005


Today's bike ride

Went on a bike ride with whitaker:


Yesterday: Nick and Paul came up to for the Oyster and Beer festival. Went with Dina, Whitaker, and Matthew Wilson (in town from Seattle), dinner, then went to see Rhett Miller from the Old 97's.

Calendar server

Fellow geeks: how do you manage your calendars?

-- multiple computers... need to stay synced.

-- publish free/busy and public events to web

Solutions I've considered:

Evolution+Hula? Uh, but no CalDAV support in Evolution yet, and Hula doesn't even have a release.

Buy a Mac for home and use iCal + .Mac? So far that looks like the best option. So what Mac should I get? Are the G5 iMacs quiet?

Hack my own ghetto solution where "appointments" are files in dated directories, and I just rsync stuff around on a cron? Then some even more ghetto tools atop that for managing/publishing them? Also a top contender.

Calendaring solution

-- I won't carry around a PDA
-- I'm always around a computer, and my cellphone has net access
-- I'm always logged into danga.com for my mail
-- Nothing on Linux supports calendar syncing well
-- The Apple store closes at 6pm on Sundays


* one of my screen windows on danga is now running "emacs ~/calendar.txt".

* I put private data I don't want to share with the world in braces.

* cron is doing:
cat calendar.txt | perl -npe 's/\{.*\}/XXXXX/g' > bradfitz.com/htdocs/calendar.txt