May 25th, 2005


Linux input layer: trackpad to scroll event daemon

So I'm using my special keyboard again, after finally getting around to mounting it. It's great-- I can lean back in my chair and hack comfortably, wrists naturally positioned at my sides.

But I have no scrollwheel, and no middle mouse button. But I have two trackpads, one per hand, each with two mouse buttons. And I never use the left one!


Linux 2.6 has a really nice input layer. I'm thinking I write a daemon (or you tell me of one!) that reads the mouse input events from the left touchpad (they show up as seperate devices) and translates all upwards motion into "scroll up" mouse clicks, and all downwards into "scroll down" mouse clicks. (scroll up/down are just mouse buttons, as far as the computer is concerned). SImilarly, I'll convert my left two trackpad buttons into "double click" and "middle click". Then this daemon will reinject its events into the kernel layer, where they'll get merged into /dev/input/mice or whatever for X to read.

Tell me where this already exists so I can use it. :-)