July 18th, 2005


ppc64 linux box

Does anybody have a ppc64 Linux box they could give me an account on?

I installed the Gentoo ppc64 LiveCD on my G5, but it doesn't have gcc or even perl, making it useless to me. And I don't know Gentoo, making it a little harder than it should be.

Or if you don't want to give me an account, can you download this and run:

perl Makefile.PL
make test

And let me know if it's cool?

This morning it worked on x86-32. Now it works on Linux x86-64, ia64, ppc, and I /think/ ppc64, but I haven't tested. Also works on FreeBD with and without IO::KQueue (any arch, probably).

Also, what's a good reference for each machine type, its alignment requirements, etc. Also, who uses LP64 vs. LLP64 vs ILP64. Stuff like that.