July 23rd, 2005


Scuba pics

Pictures from today:

Fun stuff. David and Whitaker were good buddies. Exhausting. Standing around in the sun in thick wetsuits and full gear waiting for slow members of the team is fucking brutal... so hot. But later I learned just to monitor the pace of the slowest member(s) of the group and not get dressed/loaded any faster than them.

All "skills" tests today... flushing masks, losing regulator and recovering (4 drills), running out of air (2 drills), emergency ascents, replacing weights/BC in water, etc, etc.

Nothing fun like following pretty fishies around. Tomorrow, probably.

Though we did see lots of starfish, and Whitaker and I saw a stingray.

Did two dives... first 30 feet, second about 35 or 40. (I forgot to check Whitaker's depth gauge... my rental didn't have one)

Off to Mexican food in a bit here.