July 27th, 2005


Monkey hate technology. Robot hate the monkey.

We've got laser booms, but humans have to move them around carefully like a child's playground backhoe? Wtf? Let a machine move the damn boom... and if the software/mechanics can't be exactly sure where the boom actually is, USE THE DAMN LASERS to make sure you're not getting too close. Hell, it's going super slow anyway, right?:
Hill said he saw nothing immediately alarming during the laser inspection, which had been planned long before any damage to Discovery was detected. But NASA's experts have yet to fully analyze the images.

The inspection was conducted in extra-slow motion, a mere three feet per minute, to give engineers a good long look. The boom came within five feet of the shuttle's wings and nose cap.

The astronauts had to be careful not to bang the equipment into the fragile thermal panels and cause the kind of disaster the boom was designed to prevent. The task required such precision that three of the astronauts took turns performing the grueling job.