August 2nd, 2005



Heading to Portland for OSCON in a bit here, so I stayed home from work to work, pack and run errands before I head out.

But running errands turned into hell as I realized I hate cars, traffic, people, and lines. Oh, and technology that blows, like broken ATM machines and my new Nokia 6630 to replace my no-longer-working 6670. The 6630 now crashes whenever I try to dial a number through it using Bluetooth. Plus I couldn't reach anybody on the phone.

Bitch bitch bitch, I know. I need a vacation. OSCON = yay! Portland = yay! Sunday when I get back... scuba boat trip = yay!

So I'll survive the bleh of today.

Update: Missed my fucking flight. Great day.

Sure 'nuff

In summary:

-- missed my first leg, booked through work, through Expedia
-- Expedia won't help, sending me to United (tried 3 times)
-- United won't help, sending me to Expedia (tried 5 times, 2 of which I was dropped)
-- United wants $282 change fee, which I almost paid, until they dropped me

Ended up buying:

-- Southwest, Oakland to Portland. Through Southwest. (better deal than through Expedia, who's now on my shitlist)
-- Alaska Portland to SFO. Through Alaska. Also a better deal than Expedia.

So in conclusion, United and Expedia can now blow me. I was prepared to pay $100 or so for my stupidity/laziness (remembered the flight's arrival time as its departure time, and never double-checked), but $282 and 8 phone calls ultimately ending in failure? Wasn't prepared for that.

Expedia no longer gets my business.