September 13th, 2005


sockets and close/shutdown/RST packets

Dear Lazyweb,

Network programming question:

I have a listening socket. Client connects to it, and I write a bunch of data to it, in chunks as it becomes writable. After I'm done writing and want to properly close the connection, what do I have to do?

a) just close the socket?
b) shutdown and close the socket?
c) wait for socket to become writable again, and (a) or (b)?

I'd thought it was just (a), but Perlbal is sending RST packets like crazy when I do that. If I put in arbitrary delays before the close, the RST packets go away, but that's really hacky and lame.

We'd never noticed this on before, because the BIG-IP sanitizes the situation to some degree, but RST packets still reach end users, and it's technically wrong. Also, other sites (like which are behind Alteons don't handle the RST packets well.

*braced for cluestick beating*

Educated me. Thanks!

Goodbye TiVo, it's been fun

Ever since February, my TiVo's been unplugged, and I haven't even had cable TV until last month. But I've kept paying the TiVo monthly fee because I figured I'd plug it back in any day now, and I didn't mind supporting the company.

But then this happened. I can no longer support TiVo.

I've been on the phone forever now trying to cancel my service. They keep transferring me, putting me on hold, and offering me tons of deals and new players and money and free months to stay with them.

This is getting annoying.

I gave them dozens of reasons:
-- I don't like them bending over to Hollywood and sacrificing my rights
-- I want to be in control of my recordings, not an "every-changing policy outside of my control"
-- my unit's hard drive is bad and it always skips when I used it last
-- I don't use it anymore
-- I have a MythTV box with a bunch of high-def cards

But now I'm back on hold, waiting for some "paperwork" to be done.


I don't even care if this DRM thing is a "bug" or not, because the feature exists, and I've been on hold forever now.

Fuck TiVo. It's over.

Update: Finally got off hold and got a confirmation number. But they gave me "one last offer before we make this official" (after a dozen other offers), which is a permanent monthly price of $6.95 instead of $12.95. So if you still like Tivo and want a discount..... there's your opportunity.

(In reciprocal blogging style: jwz's post)