October 17th, 2005


Open Source presentation

Here's the presentation on Open Source I gave to the company on Friday:


I'm sure there's a lot omitted and partially inaccurate, but keep in mind the point of this presentation was to introduce Open Source to a lot of Windows users who might not understand the difference between source and binary. And to keep it light-hearted so said users didn't get too bored.

DVI and Linux

So apparently Zawodny found out that big monitors make you more productive, so now I want to buy a big monitor, after realizing that this thing I'm working on at home is tiny.

I also want a DVI video card, finally.

But, uh, I remembered I hate the video card industry.

Linux users: what DVI video card has good 2D performance and open source drivers? I'll go with nvidia if I have to, but I'd rather give my money to a OSS-friendly vendor if possible.