October 21st, 2005



In Iowa for my grandpa's 70th birthday. Just went out gambling at an Indian reservation in Nebraska (right across the border).

The Indians were the "Winnebago" tribe and the casino: "WinnaVegas!!!" I got pictures, oh yes.

Bought a 1GB SD/MMC (is there a difference?) card at Walmart today for my phone, since I was stuck at Walmart anyway waiting for my mom to do other errands. Then stuck the MMC card into a photo machine and made a bunch of 4x6" prints.... yay technology when it works.

Both my mom's and dad's grandparents are both running Windows XP with 128 MB of ram. Imagine how painful that is. So I tried upgrading both machines, doing all the proper research on crucial.com's site and finding a little parts store, but one of them was stubborn and wouldn't take the memory that it was supposed to. Tried a dozen combinations of old/new memory (tried 3 different 256 MB sticks) and different arrangements. In the end I had to give up. A BIOS update is available, but the changelog doesn't address anything memory-related.

My now-70-year-old's computer took the memory fine, though, going from 128 to 384 MB, and it flies in comparison.

Researched an antique tractor's serial number for my grandpa, since I'd done it for him once before.... this one was made in 1952, making it the newest one he has. He thought this tractor was a '42.

dist-upgraded my hoary to breezy over Wifi over cable in a town of ~80 people out in the middle of corn(?) fields. And I have cell coverage here! Technology moved on in!

Dina's in actual-Vegas. Krissy's watching the hound dog. I got my picture taken with an Elvis hound dog status at WinnaVegas.

The end.