November 19th, 2005


LJ move, construction, ...

Came to the office to work with lisa and xb95 on the rest of the datacenter move clean-up tasks. Unfortunately the construction noises I thought I was leaving at my house didn't go away.... people are doing construction here at the office, doing what I don't know. Climbing around the rafters cutting things and drilling and banging on shit.

So as for the move:

It went damn near flawless, short of one minor but annoying oversight/accident/fuck-up, depending on how you want to label it. More could've been automated/prepared in the process to, so the whole thing involved less typing/checking, but it was overall really nice. I just wish it could've been perfect. More later. Outside our control, too, half of the new network wasn't quite up to snuff, so a lot of waiting for that to come up nicely was involved. And in the end we're now hearing it was duplex issues? How many times have I seen that problem, and people/machines just can't figure it out? Embarassing. In any case, they routed around the broken half to fix that.

Now a couple of hours of misc tasks I'm sure.....