Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I am Brian's tag-along

Much love to Brian Aker (krow) for introducing me to dozens of people, perhaps every MySQL developer that's here, or damn near. Also for inviting me out to dinner with a bunch of them. Brian gives me lots of credibility by introducing me to his coworkers with something like, "this guy will break your code, figure out what he wants, he'll use it and test it, and if it works for him, it's good". His other favorite one is "this guys has the most complicated replication setup I've ever seen", but that was more in the past. I think we've tamed our replication quite a bit. And while it might be too much credibility, if it's my free ticket into a hard-core discussion of some innards of MySQL with its main developer(s), it works for me. Plus at that point they're receptive to listening to my complaints/needs. :-)

I've had some great conversations with the MySQL Cluster developers (damn I can't wait for that to mature), Heiiki (InnoDB), Peter Zeitcev (performance/benchmarking), David Axmark (following my talk), and a bunch other people: Scott Johnson from Feedster (whom I'd only corresponded with over email previously), the new Friendster DBAs, and a bunch of people who introduced themselves after my talk... I now have their cards, but I can't match names to faces at this point.

I forgot to bring my business cards. I forget every conference.

I got introduced to one lady who heard from somebody else that my talk would make a good book ("Scaling Websites" or something), so she got the URL to the slides from me to go check out. I do think it should be a book (I wish it would've been years ago!), but it seems like a big task... not sure I could get it done on my own.

Time to read tomorrow's session notes and see what I'm going to....
Tags: mysql, tech

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