January 3rd, 2006


Water Damage?

Went into bedroom, dark.

Turned on light.... still dark.

Oh, dimmer's down. Turn up dimmer.... all lights go off.

Go to breaker panel: yup, broken. flip off, flip on, immediate breaks again. Odd.

Go turn off all lights, repeat: when at 50% dim, while dimming up, lights go out.

Repeat, only turn on side bedroom lights, not main one. Look up there for something obvious (hah, yeah right) shorting it. And I find:


The whole ceiling fixture (an upside down bowl of sorts) is full of water.


Gutted an ethernet cable, got a turkey baster, got a bowl.... squeeze, pinch, release... suck suck suck, filled a huge bowl full of water. Brown/copperish water.

Closed door to bedroom, turned on portable heater which dries the air out.

Called the architect to ask him where it's coming from. No answer, left message. The upstairs (two floors above) deck was flooded[1] when we returned from Oregon, which shares a drainage system to lower deck, above which is our bedroom... maybe it's that? But if so, what else is fucked? Is water in the walls, ceilings? etc. (scared.)

Called mortage broker through whom we bought extra 30-day insurance (tomorrow or next day is 30 days, depending on {in,ex}clusivity, 31 day month, etc). No answer, left message.

Put in paper towels to get residual water.

Slowly turned up dimmer on the light over the course of an hour.... it's now fully bright and not shorting. (let it warm up and get rid of moisture....)

Waiting for follow-up calls tomorrow. Hopefully we're not too fucked.

Fun, fun.

[1] San Francisco (and much of the west coast) got a shitload of rain over the past couple of weeks. One day the wind was so bad it blew construction scraps from across the street from Six Apart onto our office's roof and knocked out power .... we came home to garbage cans blown over all down the street, several of which were in our driveway. etc, etc. Bad storms.