January 7th, 2006


bin filing precedence table

As I've written about before, I swear by bins. All stuff goes in bins. It keeps me partway sane.

Recently my bin system failed me, though: I had a AC adapters for networking gear in the network wiring bin (which used to include network gear), and I was looking for them in the AC adapter bin.

Clearly I need a bin filing precendence table. Examples:

PS2 or XBox RCA adapter: Gaming bin, or RCA bin?
PS2 or XBox coax adapter: Gaming bin, or coax bin?

In those cases, since the cable's other side can only be used in its respective game system, I'm going to have to go with gaming bin.

Back to the original problem: AC adapter for networking switch: I should've stuck with AC adapter for consistency, especially since so many switches don't include any brand name of their corresponding product on them. All you can do is line up marked volts/amps anyway. (all products that don't come with volts/amps marked on them, I write on with permanent marker lately when I still have the product and AC adapter together......)

I actually don't have an RCA bin... it's RCA/8th inch/quarter inch... combinations you likely find together. And mix of 1, 2, 3, and 5 pair.

Coax bin includes things that terminate with coax: antennas, RF adapters, etc. If RF adapter has coax and then RCA, coax wins... it's higher up my precendence chart.

So I guess the table looks like:

ac adapter
rj-11, including phones, cabling, and sip phones w/ rj-45 w/o rj-11
networking cables
networking gear
computer parts
computer cables

Hm, where would rj-45 to serial go?

I wish I could just tag all my stuff and find it back with an RFID scanner or something. One day?

Update: Great problem case: two cables I know came with a laptop for doing s-video to RCA. Is that under video, computer, or RCA? They don't need to be used with a computer, though, so I'm hereby introducing a video category for s-video/dvi/hdmi that takes precendence above rca/eight/quarter-inch. You care.