January 9th, 2006


craigslist, the drama continues

So after I just wrote about my first craigslist posting, drama ensues.

nick had said weeks ago that he wanted my TV if I couldn't sell it on craigslist. But after he helped me move the other weekend we were talking about the TV and somehow there was a miscommunication and he assumed he was getting it. He then went and rearranged his apartment to make room for it.

Meanwhile, ... I post to craigslist and get two replies. One offer for $700, and one for $900. I tell both of them I'm still waiting/thinking. I'd told the $900 guy that, "Yeah, that's probably good, let's just do it." But that's when his offer on the phone was $1050. After he talked to his mom (who the TV was supposedly for), his offer dropped to $900.

Then, Nick emails my aforementioned post saying, "Dude, you're selling the TV? I thought I got it."

$900 guy calls me saying, "Is it mine? Do I get it?" I tell him if he needs an answer immediately, the only safe answer I can give him is "no" because I'm still waiting on my friend who I just found out thought he was getting it but who I couldn't get ahold of and I need to know if he really still wants it. I apologize, etc. I offer to email him if it's still available, but otherwise tell him to move on.

I get ahold of Nick, he does want it still.

I email the guy:
> > Dave,
> >
> > Looks like that other guy does want it. Sorry for the wasted time.
> >
> > My fiance and I are both still convinced this other guy had last said he
> > didn't want it, which is why we put it on craigslist in the first place,
> > but then he rearranged his living room and bedroom in preparation for
> > picking it up this weekend, including rewiring all his stuff. So even
> > though it's most likely his fault for the miscommunication, we still feel
> > bad enough for him that we're letting him have it anyway. :/
> >
> > Again, my apologies.
> >
> > - Brad
He writes back:
> Brad,
> I don't know who tells a better lie, you or your fiance. I talked with both
> you and your fiance and there was never a mention of a friend possibly
> wanting this tv. When I talked with your fiance after 3:00 P.M. today she
> accepted my offer of $900.00. She said it is yours and that you would call
> me tonight to give me your address,. Either your fiance has a very poor
> memory or you accepted a higher offer. I don't liked to be lied to. Why not
> just say that a total stranger offered you more money. If this was truely a
> friend you wouldn't refer to him as this other guy. I made arrangements as
> well to pick this t.v. up I don't know if this is your first time using
> craigs list but you never do what you just did to me. I will write up a
> reply on Craigs list about how you operate. What you did is bullshit....
WTF? This guy was incredibly nice on the phone, he's buying his mom a TV, etc, etc. Then he explodes! And what does he mean there was never talk of a friend... I told him that when he impatiently called asking if he got it! So I replied:

If I was torn between you and my friend before, I'm sure not now. Take it easy.

My friend is Nick Robertson. I've known him since age 4. We took swimming lessons together. He's totally clueless sometimes and hasn't called me in 2-3 weeks, but he's real.

The best offer I got besides yours was $700. You had the best offer, but it wasn't good enough. Once you dipped below $1000 I was starting to think $900 isn't worth it and I might as well just give it away.

Previously Nick (yes, "the other guy", being male), said he'd take it if I couldn't sell it, even though he has a tiny apartment and has no room for it. I told him he'd be better off with his current TV, but I'd keep him in mind. Whe he helped me move several weekends ago we had a miscommunication: he saw I'd put it on the garage to make it easier to move out, and he assumed that meant easier to move out for _him_ to move out. He thought I'd given up on the craigslist idea.

Meanwhile my fiance, who also hadn't talked to him in weeks, reminds me the other day to go try and sell that TV before this coming weekend, which is when Nick's renting a truck anyway to come get a futon and dining room table from me, which we're also ditching. So if I couldn't sell the TV before then, he'd also take the TV.

When I blogged the other day about selling my monstrous TV, Nick saw the post, emailed me and said, basically, "dude, I thought I was getting it... I just rearranged everything to make room for it." Then I felt guilty. I hadn't decided on selling it to you anyway because $900 wasn't that exciting and I was hoping for better offers.

But if I have the choice between giving it away stress-free or dealing with crazy people like you, I'm going to just give it away. $900 isn't worth it.

Again, sorry. And if I'm a liar, this story is pretty detailed.

Please send me a link to your craiglist rant about me. I'd like to share it with the world.

- Brad
Fucking craigslist. Wow. All it's good for is getting rid of free boxes and wheelbarrows. (and apparently anonymous sex with crazy people?)