January 22nd, 2006


Firefox bugs

My beef with Firefox:

Firefox doesn't have HttpOnly cookies, even though LiveJournal had avva write a patch for Mozilla over a year ago:

Javascript in external CSS doesn't have the same-origin restrictions that Internet Explorer does, allowing untrusted remote CSS to do malicious things:

See my comment there for more information.

Either one of these would've prevented us from going with one-domain-per-user (our new URL scheme), and the forthcoming cookie changes where we have master cookies and per-domain cookies that are signed by the master cookie.

Fun, but a pain in the ass too.


Finally snapped and got sick of fuzzy xterm text on my LCD due to using VGA instead of DVI. (usually a press of "Auto" will fix it, but it hadn't been calibrating correctly in days...)

Went to buy a DVI video card, found nobody sold AGP 2X video cards anymore, and ended up buying a Mac Mini.

(And 1GB of RAM and a 24" Dell widescreen LCD online.)

Using OS X for now, giving it a shot, but I made sure Linux runs on it fine first so I can "switch" back should I need to.