March 9th, 2006


DJabberd status update

Got a bit more Djabberd work done today. It's coming along nicely. One of the big s2s hurdles, not working with GTalk, is now fixed, due to a quickly-mentioned part of the spec that I overlooked. (and which is a MUST which depends on a SHOULD ... spec bug?)

At this point I need to finish outgoing s2s (should be damn easy given all the infrastructure which has been built out), fix one notable SSL bug (should be straight-forward, but boring, now that I've read more about OpenSSL programming), and then finish up the routing/delivery framework which I spec'ed up today and mostly finished.

But tomorrow is Seattle, then Portland, so I'm not sure how much productive hacking I'll get done without consistent Internet access.

Also: we now have our SMS gateway starting to come online. We're linked up with Sprint now, waiting for the other carriers. Then LJ's SMS features will start to appear.