March 22nd, 2006



I've been using svk as of today. Do I get cool points now?

Overall, svn+svk = very nice.

-- Released Brackup to CPAN.
-- wrote a little Net::LiveJournal module (LJ client) and put it on CPAN

Really, svn/svk just totally makes me want to hack.

Brackup; updated Amazon code

Get Brackup 0.71 (just uploaded to CPAN too):

$ svn co brackup

Then get my useful-return-value modifications to Net::Amazon::S3:

$ svn co

(I put them up there with svk, so hopefully it's easy for Leon to smerge.)

Setup your ~/.brackup.conf target:

type = Amazon
aws_access_key_id = 196XAExxxxxxxPG2
aws_secret_access_key = IkNxxxxxxxxU8G0
exist_cache = /home/bradfitz/.amazon_chunks.db

path = /raid/bradfitz/proj/
chunk_size = 5m
#gpg_recipient = 5E1B3EC5

The exist_cache makes "do you have this chunk already?" requests cached, so it flies now.

Then backup!

$ brackup --from=proj --to=amazon


Except occasionally Amazon gives you internal server errors. Not yay.