May 13th, 2006


Card Activation

Wamu just "upgraded" a debit card I never use to another debit card I'll never use. They say "upgraded" but really they just mean "we changed our contract from Visa to MasterCard, so sorry.... you have to go through a bunch of shit."

I went to activate the card online (normally I use the phone) and they wanted:

-- card number
-- 3 digit security code
-- my FULL social security number
-- date of birth
-- account type
-- account number
-- old card number (the visa it's replacing)
-- expiration date of old card

Fuck all that. I'm not giving them my full social security number.

I called the 800 number where they wanted:

-- card number
-- 3 digit security code

And then the robot happily informed me that my card was activated.

Can we get a LOL out there?

Life Update

Let's see:

-- Friday: no work. Office-new-furniture-rearranging-everything day. Whole company fieldtrip to the Computer History Museum instead. Very cool!

-- Fri-Sun: Dina's in Portland again. Bachelor hackin with Artur and Major. Fortunately ljkrissy took Major for a long walk down a short pier (pier 5?) this morning so he's just dead tired today.... it's quite nice. He was also up all night with Artur and I hacking, which helps his energy levels.

DJabberd update

Artur and I have been hacking all weekend on DJabberd. Major accomplishments:

-- switched from expat to libxml
-- fixed a ton of memory leaks
-- fixed a ton of TODOs/FIXMEs, much more spec compliance (we've been graphing this, it's quite fun)
-- DJabberd::Authen::HTDigest -- use your existing apache tools to 'provision' accounts.
-- a dope ass test suite with lots of helpers to make writing jabber-specific tests easy
-- lots of tests
-- lots of bugs fixed as a result of tests
-- lots of progress made quickly because of tests finding regression
-- iChat weirdness magically went away as a result of more spec compliance

Here's the graph of FIXME/TODO over time (well, revisions) so far.... we started this weekend at revision 212:

Collapse )