July 29th, 2006


Ear Update

Just talked to Dr. Frank (scsi) about my ear and all my symptoms and he's convinced I broke my ear membrane thing. (like, the blood, and being able to gurgle/blow out of my right ear now if I squeeze my nose ...)

Which means I need surgery when I get back, says Dr. Frank.

And further, one of the two medicines they gave me is actually really bad if I broke the eardrum ("risk of ototoxicity" or something, says the phamplet). The doctor assumed I didn't break it but he couldn't see past the inflamation. Frank says the doctor should assume I /did/ break it (especially considering the blood), and not prescribe something that's dangerous to my inner ear if I did.

Yay. Fun stuff.

Thank you, Dr. Frank!

bleh: more travel hell.

Made an attempt to rush to the airport from our temproary hotel and get on our original flight, then delayed, but failed. We were there, ready, waiting, but the lines were mislabeled, they made no announcement of closing check-in, didn't turn off monitors, etc. Back at the hotel again.

The amount of suck in the Barcelona airport and Sterling airline's website/phone service/airport presence is unexplainable. They're just unreachable and totally don't work. The check-in people were using sheets of paper and cross people's names off lists. Computers? What? And I'm supposed to go there to pay the $340 fee to change my flight (which they fucked up, but travel insurance doesn't cover strikes, convenientconvenient), but they don't have a computer and don't answer their phone, so I have to pay about $1k to book new flights to get to Stockholm (where, fortunately, I can move my return flight around at will, subject to availability).

Mad props to Artur, the dedicated travel agent. He's way more skilled than most people I've encountered, especially those in Barcelona. And the hotel concierge here.

After a bunch of attempts at multiple airports, train rides (including 2 day trainride from Barcelona to Stockholm), etc, the final plan is:

Saturday: (tonight) hotel in Barcelona
Sunday: don't leave the hotel property. no sight-seein. no taxis. no travel. read books by the pool (or in the room if too hot), work, do email, etc. Just no travel.
Monday: fly to Stockholm. Arrive 10:30 pm or so. Stay in hotel airport.
Tuesday: hang out in Stockholm. try to get on flight home, if it has space.
Wednesday: early: flight home.
Wednesday night: arrive in SFO:
Thursday really early (7am): pick up the Major, who we miss a ton.
Thursday: go to work. maybe groggy, but work. (original plans had 1 day buffer between travel and work, now removed)

In conclusion:

We just want to be home. We're sick of travelling and inefficiencies and just want to get home and have clean clothes and play with the Major. (and get ear surgery, apparently)