July 31st, 2006


Stuck in Spain, continued...

Packing up now to check out of the hotel. Will put luggage in hotel storage for 4.5 hours while we read by the pool, then take cab to airport (we're getting good at it!), and hope for the best.

With luck we'll get out of Spain and be stuck in Stockholm for 1-2 days (a much nicer place to be stuck).

Got a reply from my doctor about my ear:
yes, keep avoiding water (i.e. even in shower, wear cap or be very careful) and please don't blow air out ear anymore :) most perforated ear drums actually heal up by themselves . . .let me know when you get in. As you have a ppo, you can see anyone you want with respect to an ear/nose/throat doctor . . .here are some . . . . but they do typically heal up on their own. :)

[list of ~12 doctors w/ contact info]
So that's nice.

Also paid some bills that would otherwise be due about a day after I get back, cleaned out a lot of my email, emailed Petcamp to say we'd be late picking up Major, etc, etc. Pretty productive day yesterday.

We got the caterers' final itemized bill for the wedding reception. I'll post some funny excerpts when I return, notably the alcohol details. :-)


In Stockholm.

The airport, city, hotel all so much better.

I'm still unable to express how much I hate the Barcelona airport. So bad. This airport's actually really nice, and not just because Barcelona sucks so much.