August 1st, 2006


Boarding Passes

We have our boarding passes to Chicago now. Haven't gone through security gates, yet: just went and checked in, then came back to hotel (in the airport) for breakfast.

Had a bit of a confrontation with the line-director-type-person standing at the back of the check in line.

"Do you have an itinerary?"
"No, we have an e-ticket."
"You need an itinerary."
"Can't then get me an itinerary?" (pointing to check in)
"No, that's check-in."
"Don't we have to check-in first?"
"Sir, look at my eyes, are you listening to me? You have to go through security and turn right to get your itinerary."
"What!? Dina, are you understanding any of this? We have to go through security first, then get our intinerary, then get checked in, then go through security?"

Then Dina and I stood there talking amongst each other about airports confusing us here, me not looking at her, using Dina as a translator for English-to-English (even though this woman's English was perfect), but not getting anywhere, but pissing her off because her English was perfect (her logic was just whack). Finally the lady angrily gave up and pointed us at check-in, who took care of everything. Boo-yah. That's what I thought. Stop getting in my way confusing person. Nobody stops us from getting home.

In the end it's something about US Customs needing an itinerary from us, but I've never done that before. US Customs says "Where you going? (Home) How old are you? What do you do for a job? What's your birthday? Why were you gone?" and they let you in.

k, time to go through security....