August 5th, 2006


Xen3 and NFS in dom0

Dear Xen3 users,

Why doesn't my nfs (nfs-kernel-server) work with Xen3 (in Debian) in dom0 anymore? Reboot into non-Xen kernel, no problem. Reboot into Xen3 kernel, nothing. I recall Xen2 worked on this box with NFS fine.

I imagine something w/ the new bridging/etc in Xen3?

Relevant export:

Last thing seen in daemon.log:

sammy:/home/bradfitz# tail -f /var/log/daemon.log
Aug 5 09:37:55 sammy mountd[5473]: authenticated mount request from for /raid (/raid)

But then the NFS client (OS X) just hangs connecting.

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Any ideas?

We're having a party later and would like music, but this is a blocker, as Slimserver need access. I could do some DAVFS mount or something I suppose, but that's kinda whack.