August 19th, 2006


mac mini

Was looking into getting another Mac mini (replacing mine with an Intel chip and giving my G4 one to Dina) but they all come with 512MB of memory, which from experience with Mac mini #1 is painfully little.

Compare the upgrade prices:
$113 for 1GB
$227 for 2GB

apple store online:
$100 for 1GB
$300 for 2GB

sf store:
$300 for 1GB
$600 for 2GB
Go SF store! That's just impressive.

Great Day

How to best explain the awesomeness that is today?

It's been like 10 or 12 weeks since I had a weekend at home with no plans, obligations, traveling, etc.

Today I:

-- slept in

-- went to the monthly Boston Terrier Meetup up the block from us. dozens of Bostons. pure craziness.

-- opened and dealt with about 25 envelopes. bills, statements, etc. generally cleaned my office up.

-- helped Dina clean her office

-- upgraded Dina's laptop to Dapper from Hoary or whatever was before

-- moved Dina's printer downstairs, and verified it worked from Ubuntu

-- cleaned the garage with Dina (mostly Dina)

-- installed a new garage opener button next to the garage door. I didn't have bell wire or patience for soldering, so I have two wires twisted together and duct-taped to the ceiling, wrapping around pipes and stuff, then into a breadboard that's duct-taped to the wall. Out of that is a push button. High-tech. I need to hookup my garage-door-opener-from-computer again that I had mostly going at the old house (except the wiring kept falling out of the garage motor before and I knew we were moving, so never cared to do it right). Then I can open the garage from my phone when I'm biking home.

-- got a new tripod because I lost the mounting thing for my old tripod. called them, they were closing in 5 minutes, and raced down and made it before they closed.

Productive day.

Snakes on a Plane

Forgot to mention I saw Snakes on a Plane last night. dina wrote about it and said the same thing I would: the audience made the movie. It started with a guy yelling, before the trailers even started,


And then throughout the bad trailers and bad scenes in the movie, everybody would hiss. Good shit. Also flying rubber snakes from the audience.

Go see it before the audience tames.